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Brand Story

Brand Story

The original intention of building SHUNFA brand is that "the traditional sewing machine is not only to help operators feel the warmth of the world, but also assist them to achieve a better life and provide opportunities for people to create and realize their beautiful dreams".

Mr. Huang Zhengfa, the founder of SHUNFA, has brought his keen business sense and down-to-earth working style into the brand. In 1997, China's garment industry slowly completed the initial stage of accumulation. People's pursuit has begun to sprout, under the simple wish of "building a cost-effective sewing machine, creating a reliable brand", SHUNFA emerged as the times require.

The slight change in the clothing industry can cause huge waves in the sewing equipment industry. When the clothing market is in a "declining trend", a large number of sewing equipment companies are in a difficult situation for survival. Since the reform and opening up, the sewing equipment industry, which has been summarized as "three ups and three downs" by the public, had to find a way to change. And SHUNFA, which insists on "stable operation", has been striving steadily, and has entered into the market through strategic cooperation with industry benchmark companies. With its prominent product advantages and stable product quality, SHUNFA has broken through commercial barriers and entered a stage of rapid development.

SHUNFA has never stopped the pace of innovation when face challenges and transformation. After electromechanical integration, ushered in the era of intelligence, "smart sewing" became the characteristics of the times. Technology and wisdom have been into the brand gene. SHUNFA upgraded and developed a variety of series products such as "lockstitch, overlock, interlock, intelligent cutting machine, intelligent snap button". China's first full touchable intelligent sewing machine was born in SHUNFA, and the intelligent stepping motor drive lockstitch machine lead the industry trend. Follow the trend of the times and seek for rapid development in China's sewing machinery industry, SHUNFA advocates to change its driving force and embark on a new journey of high-quality development. SHUFNA has once again demonstrated its great brand resilience, and in the continuous stream of sewing machines, SHUNFA looks like a brave man.

SHUNFA, not only walks in the forefront of China's sewing machine industry, but also has a place in the global sewing machine brand.